Telephone and Directory Guide

DeVry University
2300 Southwest 145th Avenue
Miramar, FL 33027-4150

Department Telephone Directory

Academics 954-499-9627
Admissions 954-499-9775 
Bookstore  954-499-9638 
Career Services  954-499-9718 
Library   954-499-9619 
Registrar   954-499-9662 
Student Central  954-499-9700 
Student Services  954-499-9740 
Academic Success Ctr. 954-499-9722

 If you need...  Visit...
Academic Advising Student Central, RM 101
Address Changes Student Central, RM 101
Admissions Information Admissions Office, Enrollment Services RM 100
Attendance Verification Letter Student Central, RM 101
Billing Information Student Central, RM 101
Bookstore Student Commons, RM 108
Career Advising Career Services, RM 101
Career Resources & Information Career Services, RM 101
Course or Curriculum Changes Student Central, RM 101
Financial Assistance Student Central, RM 101
Housing Referrals Student Services, RM 101
Loan Deferment Certification Student Central, RM 101
Library Services Library & Resource Center, RM 118
Part-Time Employment Career Services, RM 101
Student Activities/Clubs Student Services, RM 101
Transcript Student Central, RM 101
Transfer Credit Student Central, RM 101
Transfer to another DeVry Campus Student Central, RM 101
Tutorial Services The Academic Success Center (ASC), RM 118B
Transportation (DeVry shuttle bus) Student Services, RM 101
Veteran's Benefit Information Student Central, RM 101
Withdrawal from School Academics (Program Dean) & Student Central, RM 101 & 124
Something not on this list Student Central, RM  101



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